About Us

Our Story and Existing Issues

Patients don’t want to be in the hospitals, definitely not when it is preventable with easy interventions and follow up. It is the first time that the incentives are also aligned for providers and payer to make this happen.

After personally seeing the plight and suffering of patients and caregivers when it comes to case management and care coordination, the core team set on a mission to improve clinical outcomes. As we built the most robust and holistic patient care centric models, we talked to a lot of providers and patients. During those interview, we were shocked by the amount of manual processing, which can be easily automated that plagues today’s hospitals and health systems. We recognized the following key issues and are hoping to tackle them with our solution

  • Caregivers do not easily know which patients should be high priority for case management and follow up, and don’t have the right tools to address patient specific needs
  • Patients want to be more involved in their own care, but don’t have easy means to do so
  • Simple things like sharing patient records, med management and discharge planning etc. take too long and are highly manual
  • Patient has limited or no contact with the hospital care team after discharge, leading to waste in healthcare system
  • Data lives in silos, making effective decision making and planning very difficult for health systems
  • Most solutions in the market are too complex, have a high learning curve, and expensive, so fail to operationalize in real world as caregivers never fully adopt them

What we believe in

With these challenges, it is clear to us that most organizations are not ready for the value based and integrated care models. The value based care and integrated care model have many underpinnings, including proactive risk management, connected systems, timely interventions, and better coordination. This is where CareSkore excels, with starting at the patient level, and aggregating up.

After almost months of creating, refining and re-refining, we finally have built the solution backed with research. These solutions will have the care for the patient, and the love for the users (caregivers) they deserve. We understand that this is a journey that is full of challenges, but we believe we are the visionary team to do this. And we are certainly not going to wait for someone else to do it.

  • We believe that the patient comes first, and second, the caregivers who are users of our solutions. Whatever we can do to make their work and journeys easier is our responsibility
  • We love our users, and believe in building a product that is simple and intuitive to use, but is very powerful at its core
  • We believe in highly curated insights to the right users at the right time, so they know exactly what to do next
  • We believe in automating as much as possible behind the scenes, so that users can use your time effectively
  • We believe in leveraging latest, cutting edge technologies, however challenging they might be
  • We believe in clear reporting and a clear value proposition



Jas Grewal

Chief Executive Officer

Jas serves as the Chief Executive Officer for CareSkore. He has experience in healthcare analytics, strategy consulting, and healthcare operations. He has seen first-hand the challenges facing providers, patients, and payers as they transition to value based care. He is deeply focused on the patient and provider experience with technology. He has received a Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.


Dr. Puneet D Grewal MD

Chief Medical Officer

Puneet serves as the Chief Medical Officer for CareSkore. She has experience in managing highly complex patients and conducting clinical research. She has received her Internal Medicine Residency from Rosalind Franklin University, and serves as an Internal Medicine physician at multiple Chicagoland hospitals. She is currently a Cardiology Fellow at Chicago Medical School and focused on heart patients. She is acutely aware of the needs of physicians and other providers managing patient populations.

Advisory Board


Dr. Bryan Becker


Dr. Madison Sample MD



Dr. Pam Khosla MD



Dr. Rohit Arora MD


Prof. Robert Rosenberg