CareSkore + Existing EMR = Better

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Once the appropriate patient needs have been identified, its time to take action. In this step, we help create and execute highly customizable care programs and protocols to address the patient needs. Patients can be assigned to the right care program and resources. Assigning patients to the programs kicks off a highly automated, workflow driven follow up process for the care team to successfully manage the patient. This helps the care team focus on their core functions, and managing patient needs in a highly coordinated manner. Using CareSkore’s workflow capabilities, each team member get their assignments, and knows exactly what to do as next steps, and how to do it

We collect meaningful data as your team works on serving the patients, and provide extensive reporting capabilities. Reporting is focused by user (personas) role. whether you are a case manager, program manager, administrator, or the clinical leader, you can be assured that you will have total visibility into both the day to day progress, and the trends over time