Chronic Care Management

Identify patients eligible for CCM and complex CCM while optimizing care plans and automating patient engagement

  • Predict patient eligibility for CCM or complex CCM

  • ID gaps in care plans

  • Automate workflows in patient care

  • Dynamically engage patients with Al-augmented platform

Better manage patients with 2+ chronic diseases while maximizing reimbursements

With over 2/3 of the US population suffering from 2 or more chronic conditions, CCM is becoming more and more prevalent.

CareSkore's CCM support simplifies qualification, care plan development, workflows, and patient engagement.

    Example Use Cases

  • Identify CCM-eligible patients early to reduce readmission risk.

  • Develop care plans that reflect best-practices.

  • Engage CCM patients for better outcomes while reducing per-provider patient loads.

CCM Revenue Calculator based on 2017 CCM Changes

Chronic Care Management Calculator

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Medicare patients with 2 or more chronic conditions:
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Monthly time spent for Complex CCM Patients (in Minutes)
Monthly time spent for Non Complex CCM Patients (in Minutes)
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Estimate the potential revenue that any hospital can make by providing Chronic Care Management (CCM) to at-risk patients