Risk Stratification

Zeus: Multi-point, per-patient risk analysis and predictive analytics to improve care and financial performance

The Power of Zeus

  • Complete risk scoring across a number of factors

  • Predictive analytics to improve care plans and patient engagement

  • Real-time risk updates to patient records with every encounter

  • Enhanced insights from external data on social determinants

  • Cohort analysis for global benchmarking of per-patient risk

42M patient records, 4.3B data points analyzed

CareSkore Zeus aggregates and normalizes patient data, both internal clinical and external social determinants, using machine learning to get a 360° view of each patient.

Zeus makes per-patient predictions, constructs risk profiles of your patient population and provides the leading factors for each risk.

  • Focus on clinical data

  • Leverage internal and external data to enhance patient profiles

  • Advanced machine-learning-based real-time analytics

    Example Risk Factors

  • Readmission

    • Cancellation/no-shows
    • Drug adherence
  • Length of stay

    • Risk of falls
  • Mortality