Why CareSkore?

Personalized Population Management™.
Better health for patients. Better financial outcomes for providers.

Your population is the sum of your patients

Improving population health starts with improving the health of each patient. To do so, you need to identify and engage at-risk patients throughout the continuum of care. These are the individuals most likely to be readmitted, to miss an appointment, skip medications or who are unlikely to pay their bill.

360-degree view of your patient

The data in your EHR is important. But it’s not enough to get a 360-degree view. You need more information, and more patient-specific information, to predict behaviors. You need to know which patients are under Fee For Service contracts and which fall under Value Based Care. And you need rich data to power the interventions that can change behaviors before they result in a readmission, noncompliance or other negative event. That means clinical, social, behavioral, geographic and economic data from multiple sources. And a filter so you can focus on just the data that is meaningful.

Communicate, engage and intervene

Some patients need a reminder for their next appointment. Others need five or six reminders to ensure they show up. Some will respond to a text message about medication adherence while others need a couple of telephone call reminders. CareSkore knows how, when and how often to engage each patient, and does it automatically, so you don’t have to.

Focus on care, not another screen

CareSkore operates in the background, so nothing gets in between providers and patients.

The only solution built from the ground up to help you on your journey to Value Based Care

Personalized data that is rich and patient-specific is key to helping you manage your Value Based Care population. The same rich, patient-specific data will help you make more informed decisions about your legacy Fee For Service population as well.