Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Manage and bill for eligible chronic care management (CCM) patients while optimizing care plans and automating patient engagement (includes all updates for 2017)

CareSkore Chronic Care Management (CCM) enables providers to receive maximum reimbursement against all the latest CMS billing codes while also simplifying care plan development and patient engagement

Why CareSkore for chronic care management (CCM)?

  • Track time and bill against all current chronic care management (CCM) and complex chronic care management (complex CCM) billing codes

  • Quickly ID gaps in care plans

  • Automate workflows in patient care

  • Dynamically engage patients with AI-enhanced platform

Better manage patients with 2+ chronic diseases while maximizing reimbursements

With over 2/3 of the US population suffering from 2 or more chronic conditions, chronic care management (CCM) is becoming more and more prevalent.

CareSkore’s chronic care management (CCM) maximizes revenue while simplifying qualification, care plan development, workflows, and patient engagement.

    Example Use Cases

  • Receive full reimbursement for all patient-related actions

  • Identify and auto-enroll chronic care management (CCM)-eligible patients early to reduce readmission risk.

  • Develop and get paid for care plans that reflect best-practices.

  • Engage chronic care management (CCM) patients for better outcomes while reducing per-provider patient loads.

CCM Revenue Calculator Based on 2017 CCM Changes

Billing Code
First 60 minutes of E/M services per month
Each additional 30 minutes of E/M services per month
Complex CCM, min 60 min of non face-to-face care mgmt services per month
Complex CCM, each additional 30 min of non face-to-face care mgmt services per month
CCM, min 20 min of non face-to-face care mgmt services per month
Communication with patient within 2 business days of discharge, moderate complexity, face-to-face within 14 calendar days of discharge
Communication with patient within 2 business days of discharge, high complexity, face-to-face within 7 calendar days of discharge
Annual wellness visit (initial)
Annual wellness visit (subsequent)
Care plan development for outpatient with cognitive impairment
One-time care plan development
First 60 minutes of telehealth care
Each additional 50 min of telehealth

Chronic Care Management Calculator

Number of Medicare Patients:
Medicare patients with 2 or more chronic conditions:
% of complex CCM patients:
Select your location:
Monthly time spent for Complex CCM Patients (in Minutes)
Monthly time spent for Non Complex CCM Patients (in Minutes)
Total CCM Revenue (Monthly):
Total CCM Revenue (Annual):

Estimate the potential revenue that any hospital can make by providing Chronic Care Management (CCM) to at-risk patients

One-click environment for simple navigation
Track time against billing codes for streamlined reimbursement
Add all relevant codes to maximize reimbursements