Risk Stratification

Multi-point per-patient risk scoring to improve care and financial performance

  • Risk scoring across a number of factors

  • Real-time updates to patient records

  • Enhanced insights and patient records with external data

39 million patient records, 4.3 billion data points analyzed.

CareSkore aggregates and normalizes patient data, both internal clinical and external, through machine learning to get a 360° view of all your patients.

CareSkore makes per-patient predictions, understanding risk profiles of your patient population and providing the leading factors for each risk.

  • Focus on clinical data

  • Leverage internal and external data to enhance patient profiles

  • Advanced machine-learning-based real-time analytics

    Example Risk Factors

  • Readmission

    • Cancellation/no-shows
    • Drug adherence
  • Length of stay

    • Risk of falls
  • Mortality